Words I never thought I’d say: I Am Starting a Blog

Writing is something I have always done; I can dig up old diaries with fairies on the covers that contain all the juicy details of my primary-school crushes. But in recent years, I have taken this writing habit more seriously.

While I try to journal every day I also challenge myself to write in ways that is actually literate and purposeful. I usually do this by setting myself critically engaging Journal prompts and other times they are forced upon me through university assignments.

I am now half-way through a Journalism degree, and the most enjoyable parts of it, have come from when I’ve had to scramble together a news-story. From doing these, it has taught me something important about my work ethic; deadlines help. Having a set time, and word limit has gotten me into action and at times, been the contributing factor to some of my most favourable work. 

So, I have decided that it might help me to further use this technique and add some more pressure to my daily writing habit. Trust me, I never thought these cursed words would come out of my mouth, but here they are; I am starting a blog. 

I have actually, been sitting on this idea for a little over a year, and every time I have some work lined up and ready to post, the fear kicks in and I convince myself that the world is far too judgemental and my voice far too ordinary to share. This thought still intrudes, but now I see that these judgements are my own, and no one is as judgemental as me, because nobody really cares (a harsh and very comforting reality).

I plan to write as often as I do now (everyday) and will aim to post weekly. The content you can expect from me will vary between book reviews, personal updates, news digests, photo-dumps and whatever else falls into my creative reach. But no promises, the aim of this is to challenge myself, and eventually find my voice through the act of public sharing.

Hopefully, sharing my work on a public platform will let me hone in on my skills as an undergrad journalist, and hold me accountable to a higher standard of writing. While I am very fearful of the judgements people might make of me, I am ready to hear it, after all the only thing that will let me improve is honest, critical feedback; so give me your worst.

Recently I read a great book titled Bird By Bird, by Anne Lammot. It’s witty, inspiring and delves into how important writing is and shares some great tips on how to do it better. My favourite quote: 

            Don’t be afraid of your material or your past. Be afraid of wasting any more

            Time obsessing about how you look and how people see you. Be afraid of 

            Not getting your writing done.

And this idea right here, is why I’ve decided to start a blog.





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